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Leading Global Financial Services Firm

Leading Global Financial Services Firm

AV consultancy for new Glasgow office

Sector: Financial Services/Investment Banking
Location: Glasgow
Size: 150,000 sq ft, 8 Floors
Project Value: Circa £800,000
AV Budget: Undisclosed
Team Members: Undisclosed

The Project:

Cordless provided Multi-Media Design and Procurement Consultancy for a new Glasgow office.

Technologies & Innovations:

Workplace Multi-Media technology throughout the building, for meeting rooms, collaboration areas, training suite, gym and café together with site wide IPTV distribution. Technology included flat panel displays, HD videoconferencing and audio conferencing systems, video and audio management and camera systems. Particular innovations were incorporated into the bespoke training suite. This multipurpose space included a number of 98” flat panel displays, versatile HD video and audio conferencing systems including multiple ceiling tile microphone arrays providing voice capture and lift for all in the room.

The Client:

The Client is a leading global financial services firm providing investment banking, securities, wealth management and investment management services. It operates in over 42 countries.

The Challenge:

With the lease ending on the Client’s existing Glasgow premises, a new workplace was chosen that would be home for the employees from two existing offices in the City of Glasgow. The new premises needed to reflect the company’s status as one of the top investment banks in the world.

The new facility would include a variety of meeting and collaboration facilities, a restaurant, gym, and a bespoke multipurpose training suite.

The Client recognised the role of Multi-Media in delivering a good user experience in the new workplace. For this project, a detailed Multi-Media design and proficient procurement process would be crucial.

AV consultancy for glasgow office

The Solution:

The majority of the systems within the building would be based on existing global standards the client had developed. Cordless worked to deploy these systems throughout the building with the client, their architects and designers.

A full assessment of the Client’s user requirements was undertaken for the bespoke Training Suite fully to understand the extent of the multipurpose requirements for this space. Requirements encompassed: conferences, town hall and boardroom events, in addition to multiple training scenarios.

The training suite was designed to consist of a divisible room capable of being used as two independent rooms or as a single room.

The design included a number of 98” flat panel display system with connectivity for presentations, a programme sound system, audio reinforcement, low-spill induction loops, integral HD videoconferencing, audioconferencing, local recording and a control system.

When partitioned, both rooms are capable of independent operation. The rooms’ systems are capable of user operation for simple presentations and meetings when rooms are partitioned and combined.

An extensive technician control desk was provided for operation of more complex events. This control position is a bespoke control station which features a control system touch panel, a camera controller, camera and video monitoring, show PCs, Blu-ray and CD players, a cue light system and connectivity for laptop, USB and auxiliary sources.

meeting room multimedia

A key requirement of the systems was audio pick up of all voices throughout the room in all of the different possible working scenarios together with a voice lift capability.

The design incorporated Shure ceiling tile microphone array and QSC audio DSP technology because of the practical complications of other microphone deployments.

The basic functionality of the microphone concept was tested at Shure Distributions UK HQ and the client is deploying systems in London as further proof-of-concept trials.

From this brief, a detailed design was developed enabling procurement of the installation together with the other building wide systems. Following design and procurement handover co-ordination from Cordless, the Client was then ready to proceed with the implementation project management.

voice lift workplace technologies

The Results:

The Client was grateful that Cordless was able to provide an extensive level of technical detail and guidance in the form of Multi-Media system design and procurement to meet the user requirements for this future workplace. 

The Client has also taken the opportunity to run a London pilot for the voice lift technologies to ensure the efficacy of the solution and develop operational scenarios prior to the final Glasgow relocation.

Cordless is currently working on and toward other global workplace technology projects with the Client.

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